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Membrane Coating

Coating And Membrane Manufacturing Technology

Membrane Process Technology

Embracing stringent environmental protection requirements, our team believes in continuous R&D and innovation. To promote sustainability, we actively develop and introduce advanced production technologies like Solvent-Free, DMF-Free, and Biodegradable, applied to coating processing and membrane manufacturing.
Our versatile development technology spans hydrophilic PU, microporous PU, PP, PET, and more resin materials, enabling green and unique solutions tailored to your needs.

Choose our coating processing and membrane manufacturing technology for eco-friendly and competitive products. Our mission is to contribute to the Earth, upholding a steadfast commitment to environmental protection and exploring new possibilities for a brighter future.
Join hands with us for environmental preservation and sustainable business growth. Together, through our coating and membrane manufacturing technology, let's pave the way to a greener Earth and a brighter tomorrow!

Coating And Membrane Manufacturing Technology | PU Synthetic Leather - Artificial Leather Manufacturer | TG

Based in Taiwan since 2005, Top Gear Leather Co., Ltd. has been a PU synthetic leather manufacturer. Their major PU synthetic leather products include, Coating And Membrane Manufacturing Technology, PU synthetic leather material for shoes, upholstery leather for wallets, microfiber leather for gloves, and artificial leather for computer accessories, which are supplied in a totally eco-friendly production.

Top Gear Leather keeps up with the trends and focus on new developments by eco-saving. Top Gear Leather is an approval vendor of the top 3 brands worldwide. Top Gear Leather has technical developments and systemizes the production management for more than 30 years. Main Products: PU Synthetic Leather, Artificial Leather, Micro Fiber Leather, Men's Shoes PU Leather, Women's Shoes PU Leather, Gloves PU Synthetic Leather, Electronic Accessory PU Synthetic Leather, Upholstery PU Leather...etc.

TG has been offering customers high-quality artificial leather, both with advanced technology and 30 years of experience, TG ensures each customer's demands are met.