Factotry 2-Yangmei factory | Taiwan PU Synthetic Leather Manufacturer | TG

Factotry 2-Yangmei factory | Top Gear Leather cares about the special needs of customers, providing the services promptly.

Factotry 2-Yangmei factory

Factotry 2-Yangmei factory

Conveniently situated in a prime location, our facility ensures easy accessibility for manufacturers seeking reliable partnerships.

Top Gear Leather Co., Ltd., is located at Yangmei District, Taoyuan City, Taiwan, nearby the Tao Yuan Air Port around 20-minutes driving, will be build up construction of our new factory by the end of 2024. We specialize in the manufacturing of PU membranes including hydrophilic and hydrophobic type.

With a variety of specialized PU membrane processing machines, we offer you kinds of production processes and efficient quality assurance.
Our expertise is focus on the processing and manufacturing of PU membranes for various applications.

At the forefront of traditional industry, we have designed our new facility to achieve the U.S. LEED certification for green building standards, demonstrating our commitment to environmentally friendly goal.

Our new equipments are included:
(1) Solvent-free Dry Coating Machines: 3 units
(2) Dot laminating Machines: 3 units
(3) Calendar Machines
(4) Inspection Machines: 3 units
(5) Standard Laboratory
Our dedicated team is committed to continuous research and development of new technologies to enhance product performance, meeting the ever-changing market demands.
If you have further technical requirements for our factory or products, feel free to contact us anytime. We look forward to establishing a long-term and solid partnership with you.

Contact Top Gear Leather Co., Ltd. for inquiries and collaboration opportunities. We are eager to discuss how our advanced facilities and experienced team can meet your specific needs.

Explore the future of PU membrane manufacturing with Top Gear. Contact us to discuss your requirements and discover the benefits of our one-stop solutions.

Factotry 2-Yangmei factory | Taiwan PU Synthetic Leather Manufacturer | TG

Based in Taiwan since 2005, Top Gear Leather Co., Ltd. has been a PU synthetic leather manufacturer. Their major PU synthetic leather products include, PU synthetic leather material for shoes, upholstery leather for wallets, microfiber leather for gloves, and artificial leather for computer accessories, which are supplied in a totally eco-friendly production.

Top Gear Leather keeps up with the trends and focus on new developments by eco-saving. Top Gear Leather is an approval vendor of the top 3 brands worldwide. Top Gear Leather has technical developments and systemizes the production management for more than 30 years. Main Products: PU Synthetic Leather, Artificial Leather, Micro Fiber Leather, Men's Shoes PU Leather, Women's Shoes PU Leather, Gloves PU Synthetic Leather, Electronic Accessory PU Synthetic Leather, Upholstery PU Leather...etc.

TG has been offering customers high-quality artificial leather, both with advanced technology and 30 years of experience, TG ensures each customer's demands are met.