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PU Materials for Baseball Gloves with Goat Leather Feel | Custom Solutions for Your Brand?

To approach the brand's demand for a PU leather material with a soft touch resembling that of lamb leather, we formed a project management (PM) team for development.

(1) Understanding Lamb Leather-like Requirements:
Communicated with the brand to define specific requirements for the "lamb leather-like" feel, including texture, touch, appearance, and other specific criteria.
Considered material attributes such as softness, tactile feel, abrasion resistance, and suitability for special resin materials used in baseball gloves.

(2) Contacting Suppliers:
Established contact with base material suppliers to explore products that align with the identified needs.
Inquired about the availability of samples for testing to assess the performance of the lamb leather-like texture.

(3) Conducting Material Tests:
After obtaining samples, conducted detailed tests, including assessments of touch, softness, abrasion resistance, tear strength, etc.
Provided material samples for customers to create gloves for trial fitting and conducted impact testing.

(4) Customized Design:
If existing materials on the market couldn't fully meet requirements, considered collaborating with suppliers for customized design.
Adjusted material compositions to achieve the desired lamb leather-like effect.

(5) Cost-Benefit Analysis:
Considered the cost of selected materials to ensure they fit within the budget.
Evaluated production process costs to ensure the overall solution is cost-effective.

(6) Quality Control:
Ensured suppliers adhere to quality control standards to guarantee consistency in the produced materials.
Established quality testing procedures to ensure each batch of materials meets the brand's specifications.

(7) Collaboration and Continuous Improvement:
Fostered long-term collaboration with suppliers, regularly assessing material performance.
Engaged in continuous improvement to ensure materials remain competitive in the market.
Through these rigorous development processes, we successfully created the Nano-G2N PU leather for baseball gloves, surpassing customer expectations.

Nano G2N | Taiwan PU Synthetic Leather Manufacturer | TG

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