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PU Nubuck Foil

Light-weight Shoe Upper Materials with Nubuck Feel | Custom Solutions for Your Brand🔜

To meet the immediate needs of our brand clients, we promptly initiated a project to develop new materials.

(1) Researching Material Characteristics:
Investigating existing lightweight materials in the market, especially those capable of providing a Nubuck leather-like texture.
Considering materials with high pliability and durability to ensure they meet the product requirements.

(2) Supplier Engagement:
Contacting PU resin suppliers to understand the available materials they offer.
Inquiring about products that meet the requirements for lightweight and Nubuck-like characteristics and requesting samples for testing.

(3) Conducting Tests:
Upon receiving samples, conducting tests and prototyping with small-scale production to ensure they meet the brand's demands.
Testing the materials for Nubuck texture, lightweight properties, and durability.

(4) Customized Design:
If existing materials on the market don't meet requirements, considering collaboration with suppliers for customized design.
Project development by the team's product engineers, adjusting material compositions to meet the specific requirements of the brand.

(5) Cost-Benefit Analysis:
Understanding the cost of the selected materials and evaluating their cost-effectiveness in the production process.
Ensuring that the chosen materials not only meet the brand's requirements but also stay within the budget.

(6) Quality Control and Optimization:
Suppliers ensuring quality control standards to ensure consistency in the produced materials.
Establishing quality testing procedures to ensure each batch of materials meets specifications.

(7) Collaboration and Continuous Improvement:
Building long-term collaborative relationships with suppliers to ensure a stable supply and ongoing improvement.
Regularly inspecting and tracking the performance of materials to ensure they remain competitive in the market.
Through a systematic and iterative development process, we successfully met the brand's requirements for a lightweight material with a Nubuck leather feel—introducing the PU Nubuck Foil.

PU Nubuck Foil | Taiwan PU Synthetic Leather Manufacturer | TG

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