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Apache Series

Apache Series

Development the PU synthetic leather of Chalky Buck.

No-Sewing Apache Series

No-Sewing Apache Series

The evolution of no-sewing technology with high quality and economical price.


30 Years of PU Synthetic Leather Manufacturing & Supply - TG

Based in Taiwan, Top Gear Leather Co., Ltd. is one of the leading PU synthetic leather manufacturers since 2005. TG's synthetic leathers are applied in sports shoes, casual shoes, golf shoes, golf gloves, sports gloves, work gloves, motorcycle gloves, upholstery, 3C case, massager, keyboard case, etc.

Besides PU synthetic leather, there are durable PU suede leather and PU nubuck leather available, TG also provides high-ranking fibers such as microfiber, non-woven, knitted fabrics and plain weaving.

TG has been offering customers high quality PU Synthetic Leather and knitted fabrics, both with advanced technology and 30 years of experience, TG ensures each customer's demands are met.

Green Plan

Global Recycled Plan
Global Recycled Plan

Energy saving

VOC re-use: VOCs are collected on PU dry coating line as a fuel in the furnace, then do heat exchange entirely supplying back to boiler. Saving fuel 100 Tons per year.
Water source re-use: Process cooling water can be recycling used. Saving water 13,000 Tons per year.

Pollution reducing

Pollution reduction: discharge VOC reduced 99.8% Higher score than EPA law(90%).

DMFa re-use: DMFa is collected on PU wet coating line entirely, then do recycling-concentration and re-use in wet process. Saving DMFa 720 Tons per year.

Environmental friendly Products:

Short term:

2021/July Non-solvent type production on dry process.

Plan to develop Ecology dry-process product for advanced customers.

Plan to develop Ecology Non-Woven series for advanced customers.

Plan to develop Ecology PU lining series for advanced customers.

Plan to develope GRS recycle yarn for advanced customers.

Long term:

To Develop Non-solvent products on wet and dry process.

Develop non solvent foaming process with 1.3mm

Micro Fiber, 1.3mm Non-Woven backing for upper and 0.8mm woven backing and knit backing for lining materials.

Develop non solvent foaming process with GRS knit and non-woven recycle yarn.